Do you need superpowers to make concrete float on water? Well, it is simple science and engineering. So the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Introduces you to the most Enthralling and Ingenious Event of PLEIADES 2K19–

Concrete Canoe

Event Phases

1. LEARN -Students learn the science behind it and get
hands on experience in the workshop.
2. COMPETE –The students should apply the acquired knowledge to prepare and race the canoes.

Workshop Details

It will be held on 23rd Feb 2019 in a 6 hour session.
Students will learn how to build their own canoes.
The teams will be screened and top teams will be selected for the final round.
All the required materials will be provided.
Selected teams will get an opportunity to build their own canoes and race it at the event in the final round.

Event Details

The teams will have to come with their canoes on 28/03/2019 by 8 am.
Robotic attachments will be given to the participants. The teams will get one day to fix them and test their canoes.
The teams will be racing on the event day and the winner will be awarded with cash prize of Rs.15000/-

Judging Criteria

The best canoes will be selected based on three parameters:
Maximum Live load it can carry
Aesthetic view/Design


All the participants attending the workshop will receive a Workshop Certificate.
Top teams will receive cash prize and goodies.
Students will get hands on experience by working with carbocrete (concrete reinforced with carbon fibers).
Students will learn the concept of floating the concrete on water.

General Rules

A team should consist of only 3 members.
The canoe should be built using the material provided in the workshop.
The teams selected in the workshop should sign a declaration stating that they will show up at the event with their canoe.
Registration will be done on first come first serve basis due limited slots.


Kartik S katti (9480669356)
Anup R kulkarni (9738227269)
Anuradha Prabhu (9535075302)
Anjana Dharwad (8792776137)