Drone Acharya

Have you ever fascinated to fly your own UAV? How about competing with the emerging technology of drones and conquer the sky? This PLEIADES aeroKLE club is presenting you an exciting event to make things, without casting the spell 'Wingardium Leviosa'. Let the Harry Porter residing in you exhilarate to catch the golden snitch in this multirotor competition.

About the event

Date: 28/03/2019 and 29/03/2019
Venue: Awestrum ground, KLE Technological University

DroneAcharya event creates an opportunity for all the aspirants to showcase their talent through Multirotor. The competition requires the participants to Design, Fabricate and Pilot a multirotor to travel from source to destination crossing various interruptions, hurdles etc., along with the path of the journey.
The competition will be judged on the following aspects of Multirotor i.e on the expertise of
Flying skills
Stability of the drone
Time taken on each rounds
The event will be consisting of three rounds. Three different arenas are designed for each round .
Note: Kindly go through the rulebook for more details.

Workshop Details

Date : 06/03/2019
Time : 09:00 am
Venue: BT Auditorium, KLE Technological University

The workshop is to grasp immense Knowledge about the multirotor building. The main contents that will be covered during the workshop session are:
Introduction to mechanics of multirotor
Design of Multirotor
Components and assembly of multirotor
Controllers and hands on experience to build the drone.

Arena and Rulebook

The completion will consisting of 3 rounds based on the corresponding Difficulty level.
Rule Book(Click on RuleBook to view its content)

Provision to participate on event

1. Transmitter and Receiver
(Note: Any damage to the property will lead to severe compensation amount)
2.Charging point

Drone Acharya Winners

I PRIZE Rs 25000 cash prize
Goodies and vouchers
II PRIZE Rs 15000 cash prize
Goodies and vouchers
BEST PILOTING Rs 5000 cash prize
Goodies and vouchers
BEST DESIGNING Rs 5000 cash prize
Goodies and vouchers

Registration Details

Teams from any college/University are welcome to participate in the event. Participants can register offline in aeroKLE club{near mechanical workshop}. On the spot registration is will also be setup on the day of event.
Team members of: 5(max) to 3(min)
Registration Fee: Rs 150 (per head)
For online Registration and more details kindly contact the following:
Ameen Attar: 8123570853
Sohail Ahmed: 9739217873


Rohit Pal (7022805900)
Karan Ladhad (8861625057)
Pavan Parvatikar (9521280104)
Adarsh Amargol (9591260667)