Forensic testament

Forensic testament is a deduction-cum-analysis event which is a fascinating amalgamation of science, logic and law. Purposeful documentation of the conditions at the scene and collection of evidences, use of scientific tools and techniques and solving the case with the help of clues that are deduced at every round is all about this event. This mind-boggling event challenges your logic and scientific skills, keeps you on your toes until you see what is unseen and solve the mystery behind the fatal and grisly crimes and accidents!
With the essence of Potions from Harry Potter this year, we look forward to take you all through an amazing and stupefying journey of Forensic testament! Participate in a team of two, and students from all branches and semesters are welcome on 29th March.

Round description

1- Evidence and sample collection : Collect possible evidences from the crime scene, hands-on blood group analysis
2- Quiz : Based on forensic science
3- Interrogation round : Questions and answers round with the suspects of the crime scene
4- Anagram solving and clue hunt : Crack the codes for opening a zip file containing clues and hunt for clues which brings you closer to the criminal
5- Case presentation : Present your crime scene and the plot, convict the murderer



Aishwarya Korishetty (9480838638)
Chaitra Soratur (9739707770)