Scrutinize is observing and inspecting keenly into the things, this tehnical event involves a team of four to participate in this event and involve themselves in active participation of the event.

Round description

Model and build

In this round the participants will be given the dimensions and drawing of an object. The team must build it using given materials in minimum amount of time.

Connect, join, unite

This round the team will be given a cycle or any model. They should disassemble and then reassemble. The teams which complete this task in minimum amount of time will qualify for the next round.


This is a treasure hunt round. Participants will be given a task. They will be searching and collecting items required for the task with the help of seven clues posted at various locations in the campus. Teams must complete the task in given time and the teams who take the least time to complete will be awarded.

Additional Details

Team size: 4



Akash (9845238137)
Gouri (9482154097)
Nikhil (9243213650)