Tehno zest is a event where robots are involved to perform a set of tasks accordingly. The bot should be completely automatic without any forms of control except sensors.

Round description

Round 1: Qualification round

Round one consists of basic track. Here the members are short listed based on time and charted to second round.

Round 2:

This round consists of slightly complex mesh. The teams which completes tracing the track in the minimum time are short listed and charted to next round. There will be a number of obtuse and acute angle paths in this round, the mesh consists of two loops.

Round 3:

This round consists of complex mesh. Initially the teams have to solve the mesh manually, and the bot which takes the minimum time reach the target will be the ultimate winner.



Kartik Yalameli (+91- 9839135501)
Anoop Kotarkar (+91-8088038957)