Hardware Hackathon


1) The hackathon will be conducted for 24 hours
2) A Team of 3-5 people is to be formed
3) Every team should choose a problem statement based on the theme mentioned
4) There will be two rounds
Make it happen: in this round the participants will implement their idea
Say it loud: in this round the team will present their model to the evaluators
5) The hardware components (including sensors and controllers) should be brought by the team itself and no components will be provided during the hackathon
6) Additional wires and miscellaneous items will be provided on request
7) Hackathon will be from morning 8:00 to evening 8:00 and the participants are allowed to go home and come back next day morning to present the model
8) Internet will be provided and participants will have no restriction on usage
9) Evaluation will be done on working of the model, application, aesthetics and presentation hence equal importance should be given to each part.
10) A formal power point presentation is expected during the presentation



Amaranath s k (9036491785)
Abhiram (9739308391)
Amey (7406283444)