Enter the Triwizard tournament, be your own Champion and aye! Get your mate, because the winner takes all! When you know it is all in your mind and your mind can do beautiful things, then why wait, Fall in love with logic all over again!

Round description

Round the First: The Cipherphiler:

(Cipher: Encrypt / Code, Philer: Lover - To make a lover of coding and decoding)

Jumping through hoops and hurdles, the maze would befall the surviving victors, an assortment of questions to be solved with codes and quick thinking -only for the finest proceed.
A task shall test your skills in memory, team spirit and your creative thinking putting through moments of joy and accomplishment.

Round the finale: The Compilation Terror:

(Compilation: Ahem. Does that need an explanation?)

This is a coding round. Definitely.
Participate to get introduced to, get accustomed to and earn repute in popular competitive coding websites. The Codechef Campus Chapter team wishes you luck.
Step into a world full of magic and technology - for it'll dazzle you till the end.
P.S. And get your friend. :P
P.P.S. May the logic be with you.

Event on Day 2: Team of two



Vibha (9945942952)
Rajaram (9739011056)