Event is on 30 March

Vibhiyantrik event is to bring out the technical skills and technical knowledge of students. The event is conducted as a combinations of puzzles, technical rounds.

Round description


The round one is all about technical quiz . This round consists of 30 multiple choice questions. These questions includes basics of electrical & electronics and general knowledge. The team which clears the minimum scores in minimum amount of time will move on to next round.


Crossotech is a technical crossword event. A puzzle which purely concentrates on the technical knowledge. This enhances the problem solving skills. Time limit will be considered. The team which clears the minimum scores will move on to next round.


Build a PCB layout using software's.Software's like Eagle, Proteous, Orcad can be used. This will help the students in their future projects to easily rig up the circuits. The team who will build a perfect PCB will move on to the next round.



Soumya Kalagi (+91-9481012725)