Vinirmiti 5.0


The present world faces a severe threat due to excessive human interventions in natural processes that has lead to adverse climatic conditions affecting the human community at large.
Vinirmiti 5.0 is a student driven event focused on sustainable design and construction that aims on dissemination of knowledge regarding sustainability concepts.
The one day event promises to create awareness on sustainability and hence catalyze the green initiative to save the planet Earth.
This techno-fun event is a platform to exhibit creative talents by creating workable solutions to existing environmental issues.

Who should participate in this event?

UG and PG students of all semesters can take part in this event individually or in teams of a maximum of three members
The teams may also be formed including members of different streams of engineering (Interdisciplinary teams)



Techno-fun quiz on sustainability, Renewable Energy and Environmental policies- 25 MCQs


Hunt for sustainable solutions to present environmental issues


'Spot disclosure test' on creative capabilities


Deepak Dhongadi (+91-8892839471)
Vikram Das (+91-7829873428)