"Techno-Logic" is a techno-fun event conducted by the Department of Automation and Robotics engineering which involves application of basic science and engineering comprehension along with some quotient of fun. The event consists of commonly played games like dumb charades that are upgraded by giving them a technical touch. Also note that the scores of this event is cumulative – points attained by a particular team in the first round, second round, final round will be added and the team with the highest number of points is the winner of TECHNO-LOGIC 2k19. We would like to emphasize on one more guideline that the teams must perform equally and efficiently in all the successive rounds to be the champions of the event.

Team Specifications:

Participants have the liberty to bring students from any engineering college and form teams.
The rules will be clearly instructed to the participants prior to the specific rounds.
NOTE: No distinctiveness is essential in any particular domain, it just requires adequate technical apprehension
Here is a great chance for all the BRILLIANT WIZARDS to participate, win attractive cash prizes and visit HOGWARTS this March at our very own KLE Technological University.



Darshan (7411801628)
Prasad (8867935052)
Yogita (9482392388)