Ultimate Fandom Fest


Round 1 Quiz

Each fan club will have a different question paper.
All the fans get the question paper of their respective fandoms.
This round is filtration of the fan based on the basic knowledge of their fan clubs.
Top quiz winners from each fan club will be selected for the next round.
Ties will be considered.

Round 2

Six selected fans from each club will be teamed up into groups of two.
There will be three groups from each fan club.
These three groups will debate against each other at a time on the statements related to their TV show/ book series.
Hence in this round, there will be 9 debates conducted in total.
Best three debaters from each debate session will be chosen. Resulting in top 27 contestants.
Content, language, presence of mind, body language and wit will carry points while debating.

Round 3

Treasure Hunt/ Tasquila (Task Tequila)
Depending on the club either treasure hunt or Tasquila will be allotted to the contestants.
There will be three contestants in each club in this round. Hence, the contestants will play individually.
The two winners from each club will be selected for the next round, resulting in 18 contestants.

Round 4

Mad-Ad / Movie Spoof.
Two contestants of each club will now be a team to perform a mad-ad or movie spoof based on their club.
There will 9 performances.
One winner among the two in a club will be promoted to the final round.
The selection of that one person will be based on his individual expressions, dialogues, humour and relevance of the content in reference to the respective club.
Nine champions of each club reach the final round after the completion of this round.

Final Round

Rap / Wall Magazine / Poetry Slam / Fan Theory / Verbal and Caricatured Criticism.
All the nine selected contestants come up against each other in this round to prove that their club is the best.
Every contestant will be individually given freedom to choose their way of justification from the above mentioned options.
Best three contestants who justify their stand with complete eloquence will be awarded the champions and will be gifted with their respective fandom merchandise gift hampers.



Mayur Kanthi (7022629113)
Gouri S Kanti (7022629114)