Round description


Brace yourself for a quizzing extravaganza that will test your mind about anything and everything under the sun! Be prepared to get amused, perplexed and absorbed. You might even get to learn something new. Come, battle it out! After all, knowledge is power.
Stage-1 : TESTING TIME General quiz.
Stage-2 : PICTURE PERFECT Audio/Video round. The quiz is open only to college students. Cross college teams are allowed. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker would be the deciding factor. The decision of the quiz master and the organisers shall be final and binding. Rules are subject to change at any point in time. Participants will be duly notified of any changes.Top 50 teams move forward to the next round.

Surprise round

We all live amid surfaces, and the true art is to ride well on them. One rider will ride the cycle. The other rider will answer the rapid fire round questions. Each heat will have 2 teams. Topics for the rapid fire includes knowledge in technology, Placement questions, Things of BVB, LHC Canteen and Main Canteen menu item prizes, etc. Correct answer will make the cycle racer move closer to the finish line. Top 10 teams will move forward to the next round.


It is elementary, my dear Watson.
Ever fancied to step foot in explorer’s shoes and get set in search for hidden treasure? Ever pottered from computer to computer? Experience the adrenaline rush to discover the Ultimate Code. Given a clue and traces of treasure in all computers. You need to pick the best trace that leads you to the treasure. But treasure hunting is not for the faint hearted, so expect some real obstacles in your way.
Traces of treasures will be in the form of incomplete Code snippets.
Each computer will have a trace of treasure.
Each participants walks through these traces collecting the traces that perfectly matches their clue only. Each clue leads to different traces.
Programming languages used will be mix from all branches like C language, Python, MAT lab programming, VBA code, Verilog etc.



Niket Patil (7349090330)