Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the revolutionary technology in last few decades.
An UAV is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.
UAVs are the component of unmanned aircraft system (UAS), which include UAV, ground-based controller and a system of communication.

The flight of UAV may operate with various means:

Remote control by human operator.
Semi or fully autonomous by on-board computers.
Applications of UAVs are versatile and fast growing like surveillance, agriculture, rescue operations, medical transportation, automation, photography and many more. The participants will be able to assimilate the UAV technology and apply in their field of interest.


This workshop focusses on training the participants with good knowledge on UAVs, hands-on experience, to develop the skillset in design, manufacture and control. In future, participants can be able to bring innovative ideas/solutions to the problems encountered in society.


1. Introduction to UAV
2. Design and mechanics of UAV
3. Choosing of electronics

4. Software interface with advanced electronics (Flight controller)
5. Introduction to Machine Learning and Image Processing
6. Fabrication and assembly
7. Applications and future scope



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