Intro to Deep Web and Internet Privacy

!!! DISCLAIMER: Everything you learn in this workshop is just for educational purposes. We strongly recommend that attendees exercise their own judgement with respect to the use of knowledge gained from the workshop. We wont be held responsible for anything. By attending the workshop you agree with the disclaimer !!!
Saying I do not care about being tracked because I have nothing to hide is synonymous to saying I do not care about freedom of speech because I have nothing to say. Why not educate ourselves about privacy. Let us join hands together and resurrect the privacy.
Do you really understand how the internet works? Do you know how websites that offer free services to you earn money? Do you know that you are being constantly tracked by tech giants?
There is a part of internet you have not seen yet. The internet you surf everyday is barely scratching the surface. Does it sound like a conspiracy to you? Do not believe me believe the statistics, the web all of us browse everyday is just 4%. In this workshop you will learn about the deep-web, it is advantages and dangers of the same. You will learn about encryption, how VPNs work, TOR, how to protect your privacy and your data on the Internet. You wont believe how much of your data you are knowingly or unknowingly giving out to tech giants like Google and Amazon. You will also learn the fundamentals of the internet so that you will have the knowledge to safeguard yourself from hackers and data hungry tech giants and much more.
There also will be a walk through of a CTF ( Capture the flag ) virtual machine where in you will see what tools a hacker uses to crack passwords and what a weak password could do to your account.

Table of Contents

1. How does internet work?
2. Encryption(Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange)
3. Virtual Private Networks
4. What is TOR and how it works?
5. How does Google make money?
6. Internet privacy
7. Alternatives to Google services
8. Setting up TOR clients
9. Deep-Web
10. Dangers of Deep-Web and precautions
11. How to do passwords right?
12. CTF walk through


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